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The Mac-Haydn Theatre

As “Mother,” Rachel Rhodes-Devey gives a beautiful portrayal of a woman who transforms from the dutiful, early 20th century Stepford wife shackled to home and hearth, to a woman not only discovering her place in the world–and her right to it—but defining her identity and self-worth and strength as an individual—with no man required... With a vocal performance capturing every nuance of the struggle Mother faces, Rhodes-Devey brings veracity and depth to the role, as she gives beautiful true voice to her journey... Rhodes-Devey’s Mother epitomizes the “coming of age” of many a white woman of the time... She combines an almost ethereal fragility with a soon-to-be-discovered spine of steel. All Rhodes-Devey’s numbers throughout the show are strong, pure, and moving, but perhaps none more so than her paean to embracing her freedom as a free-thinking woman with the riveting “Back to Before”, delivering this ultimate declaration of independence and proclamation of emancipation with true star power, pathos and passion.
— Lisa Jarisch - Berkshire On Stage
Mother, whose story of growth and tolerant understanding is beautifully played by Rachel Rhodes-Devey, becomes the central figure in the show. Her beauty and her singing are top-notch and she gives emotional clarity to her every utterance, spoken or sung.
— J. Peter Bergman - The Berkshire Edge
Rhodes-Devey takes the full measure of this interesting and interested woman, with subtle looks and gestures and a voice that matches the demands of each song. Lovely work.
— Paul Lamar - The Daily Gazette
Rachel Rhodes-Devey brings strong femininity, period-truth, and a natural dignity to the role of Mother. When she and Belyeu stand almost motionless observing their children in Act II, it is the peak of the evening.
— Marion Hunter - The Columbia Paper

South Pacific

2nd National Tour

Rachel Rhodes-Devey stepped in to play the lead role, and did so magnificently... Rhodes-Devey, who will continue in the role of the cockeyed optimist from Little Rock, Ark., delivered a flawless performance. Her mezzo-soprano voice is strong and delightful to hear. More powerful, still, is her acting ability.
— Debbie Waltzer - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
As Nellie Forbush, Rachel Rhodes-Devey possesses a big singing voice and equally subtle acting skill for the dramatic scenes. Her renditions of “A Wonderful Guy” and “Honey Bun” were two of her best vocally while her acting skills were highlighted in the scene when she finds out that Emile was married to a woman of color.
— Elliot Lanes - Maryland Theatre Guide
Rhodes-Devey superbly meets the vocal and acting demands of the role.
— David Steinberg - Albuquerque Journal
Against this setting, Ensign Nellie Forbush (sweetly portrayed and impeccably sung by Rachel Rhodes-Devey) falls in love with Emile de Becque, a middle-aged Frenchman who has settled on the island.
— Richard Duckett - Worchester Telegram & Gazette
There is much I could write about this wondrous production - it would truly be an outpouring of accolades and compliments to such a classic production. I am convinced, however, that the best thing I can write about this show is, simply: Go see it... Both Ms. Rhodes-Devey and Mr. Guzzo’s voices will enchant and mesmerize you, filling the rafters with incredible songs and music, beckoning to a forgotten time.
— Christine Kowal -

Hello, Dolly!

The Mac-Haydn Theatre

Mrs. Irene Molloy was played by Rachel Rhodes-Devey who delivered a delectable performance. She acts the role with sensitivity and strength, and she sings with a beautiful tone... Rhodes-Devey makes it impossible not to fall in love with Irene. Her beauty and her grace under fire separate her from the rest, and this actress uses that element of the character to enhance her performance in every way.
— J. Peter Bergman - Berkshire Bright Focus
Rhodes-Devey, with the best voice and acting chops in the show, is both beautiful to look at and to hear.
— Leon Graham - The Lakeville Journal
In particular, there is the wistful “Ribbons Down My Back” sung beautifully by the milliner, Irene Molloy (Rachel Rhodes-Devey). Ms. Rhodes-Devey moves from the pensive song to a romantic character with fine comic underpinnings.
— Macey Levin - Berkshire On Stage

Merrily We Roll Along

Astoria Performing Arts Center

Rachel Rhodes-Devey as Frank’s first wife, Beth, delivers a flawless performance.
— Georgina Young-Ellis - Queens Gazette
A heartbreakingly beautiful performance by Rachel Rhodes-Devey, as Frank’s first wife Beth, who sings a “Not A Day Goes By” to remember.
— Sarah Moore -
Rachel Rhodes-Devey as Beth, Frank’s first wife, is very believable and sings wonderfully. She makes “Not A Day Goes By” a highlight of the show, and she, Mosbacher and Park pull off the tricky Tom Lehrer-esque “Bobby, Jackie, Jack” with precision, making it gloriously funny and fun.
— Jon Sobel -
Similarly the featured actors are perfectly cast, with Rachel Rhodes-Devey making for a serene Beth Spencer who’s romantic enough without being foolish.
— Jose Solis -
Besides the three leads, several of the supporting players bring an outstanding level of expertise to their roles...Rachel Rhodes-Devey as Frank’s ex-wife, Beth Spencer, provides touching moments as we see the dissolution of their marriage, in reverse. When she sings “Not A Day Goes By,” basically telling Frank he has destroyed her by his actions, you can see and hear her pain.
— Kevin Zimmerman - Times Ledger

Fiddler On The Roof

Maine State Music Theatre

Rhodes-Devey turns in a commanding role as Tzeitel, a daughter who wants to please her father but it also a budding feminist.
— Rod Harmon - The Times Record
The honey-voice trio of Tevye’s eldest daughters captures the simplicity and strength of each of the girls. Rhodes-Devey is a determined, assertive Tzeitel.”
— Carla Verdino-Sullwold -
Rhodes-Devey, Howard, and Rabadi are delightful in the song, “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” in which they have powerful vocals... These three fine actors are exceptional in their roles, Rhodes-Devey gives Tzeitel determination and humor.
— Kelli Curtin - Theatre Sensation

An American in Paris

Music Theatre Wichita

Rachel Rhodes-Devey is sultry as Milo Davenport, not to mention striking in appearance.
— Craig Richardson - Broadway World
HearThunder-117 (1).jpg

Some People Hear Thunder

Capitol Repertory Theatre

Rhodes-Devey, an Albany-area native, is back giving a strong and warm performance. Rachel sports a strong and beautifully classic voice that warms the heart. Her old-fashioned, toe-tapping performance of the second act dancer “Should I Miss Him” will make you want her to tap some more.
— Will Gallagher -
Human Comedy1.jpg

The Human Comedy

Astoria Performing Arts Center

And, aided by a strong cast, they manage moments of heartbreaking beauty...especially the songs delivered by Rachel Rhodes-Devey as the left-behind love of Homer’s brother. Blessed with a dark, evocative voice, Rhodes-Devey is an actress poised for more work; her songs are constantly the highlights of the show.”
— Mark Peikert -

The calico Buffalo - nymf 2015

Rachel Rhodes-Devey brings the right amount of gravity to her role as Bora-Boh’s mom, Willa-mah.
— David Gordon - TheatreMania
As the Chief and Willa-Mah, Rhys Gilyeat and Rachel Rhodes-Devey had great chemistry, sounding quite heavenly together.
— Michael Block - Theatre in the Now